Muskox Hunting in Alaska

Muskox Hunter Orientation

The information found in Muskox Information on Identification and Hunting (PDF 1,094 kB) will help you learn how to identify muskoxen by sex and age and will explain some important tips for a successful and legal hunt.

Musk ox

Questions? Contact your Fish and Game biologist:

Bill Dunker ( or Sara Germain ( in Nome
1-800-560-2271 or 907-443-2271

Christie Osburn ( in Kotzebue
1-800-478-3420 or 907-442-1714

Carmen Daggett ( in Utqiagvik

Patrick Jones ( in Bethel
1-800-425-2979 or 907-543-2979

National Park Service Subsistence
1-800-471-2352 (for Federal hunts only)