Special Area Management Planning

Since statehood, the Alaska State Legislature has designated 32 special areas across Alaska encompassing more than 3.2 million acres. These special areas include 12 game refuges, 17 critical habitat areas, and 3 wildlife sanctuaries (see the Special Areas Locator). ADF&G co-manages these areas with the Department of Natural Resources. Within ADF&G, the Habitat Section and the Division of Wildlife Conservation manage these areas according to specific statutory purposes generally related to conservation of fish, wildlife, their habitats, and the public uses of these resources. However, the legislature also recognized that other important uses of these lands exist and, in some cases, have specified allowable activities within these areas and have mandated that ADF&G develop management plans to guide the approval of activities and development so that they are conducted in a manner compatible with the purpose for each special area.

Currently, 18 of these special areas have management plans that guide the management of the area and the permitting of activities (Special Area Permits) that may occur within the area. Individual area management plans can be downloaded from each area’s web page. Area pages can be accessed via the Special Areas Locator. Hard copies of the existing plans are also available at ADF&G offices.

Contact Information for the Special Areas Planning Staff

Habitat Section ADF&G
333 Raspberry Road
Anchorage, AK 99518

Fax: (907) 267-2464
Phone: (907) 267-2342
Email: dfg.hab.specialarea@alaska.gov