Kodiak Island Limnology Laboratory
About Us

About Us

Collecting zooplankton.

The Kodiak Island Limnology Laboratory (KILL) processes and analyzes limnological samples to provide reliable and impartial water quality data for ensuring the sustainability of Alaska’s fisheries.

The KILL has been operational since 2000. We work with management biologists to offer pre- and inseason management recommendations. Hatcheries have utilized our services for monitoring enhanced systems and also to provide stocking recommendations. Other agencies and stakeholders have benefited from our technical expertise on project design, data interpretation and data synthesis for stocking, lake fertilization and aquatic ecosystem projects. The KILL also was a founding cooperator of and participates in the Water Temperature Monitoring Network of Salmon Habitat in the Kodiak Archipelago, which is part of a larger statewide network.

Collecting water samples from Uganik Lake.

The lab is capable of analyzing water samples for components of nitrogen and phosphorous, silicon, photosynthetic pigment concentrations, and color. Lab staff also read zooplankton samples for the determination of biomass, density, and length by taxa.

The KILL also possesses an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) used for high-resolution habitat mapping. To date, the AUV has been used to remap 8 lakes in the Westward Region and nearshore marine habitat by the City of Kodiak. The data collected by the AUV has enabled the updating of bathymetric maps and provided spatial and temporal profiles of rearing habitat vital to salmon.

The lab may be contracted to perform sample collection and analyses. Rates are available upon request.