Chugach Region Bivalve Enhancement

Bivalve Inventories and Littleneck Clam Culture Studies

Final Report - Chugach Regional Resources Commission Bivalve Enhancement Program: Bivalve inventories and native littleneck clam (Protothaca staminea) culture studies Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council Project Number 95131. Produced by Dr. Kenneth M. Brooks, Aquatic Environmental Sciences, 644 Old Eaglemount Road, Port Townsend, Washington 98368, February 2, 2001. (Posted by ADF&G with permissions)

We are making this large document available as a full document (PDF 4,942 kB) or, for easier downloading over slower connections, in 6 smaller parts:

  • Part 1 of 6 - Cover through Section 3.1 (PDF 854 kB)
    Cover, Introduction, Background Information, Material, Methods and Results for the bivalve inventories, and beginning of Bivalve Inventory Results for Tatitlek.
  • Part 2 of 6 - Section 3.1.1 through Section 3.4.5 (PDF 1,053 kB)
    Continuance of Bivalve Inventory Results for Tatitlek, Nanwalke survey at Passage Island, Murphy's Slough near the native village of Port Graham, and recommendations for native littleneck clam enhancements for these areas.
  • Part 3 of 6 - Section 3.5 through Section 3.6.8 (PDF 881 kB)
    Bivalve inventory results and recommendations for enhancement for the villages of Chenega and Ouzinke.
  • Part 4 of 6 - Section 4.0 through Section 4.4.13 (PDF 1,095 kB)
    Native littleneck clam enhancement studies, village workshops, clam seed supply, study design/materials/methods, beginning of the reesults for Murphy's Slough.
  • Part 5 of 6 - Section 4.5 through Section 4.7 (PDF 1,104 kB)
    Results for the villages of Tatitlek, Passage Island near the village of Nanwalek, and native littleneck clam enhancement study summary.
  • Part 6 of 6 - Section 5.0 through end of document (PDF 606 kB)
    Development of hatchery, nursery, and growth methods for Nuttall's cockle, background, reproduction, materials and methods, results of cockle nursery and growout experiments, cockle study summary and references (literature cited).
  • Appendices materials only available by contacting Dr. Kenneth M. Brooks (address given with report title above).

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