Parasites and Diseases


  1. If you encounter an animal that has been hit by a vehicle, has broken limbs, or has other physical injuries, call your local ADF&G office during business hours. On nights and weekends, contact the Alaska Wildlife Troopers in your area:
  2. To submit any physical sample from an animal or carcass for disease identification or monitoring, contact your local ADF&G office. ADF&G can only accept samples submitted with a “Wildlife Samples for Disease/Parasite Investigation” form. Ask for a form from an ADF&G office, or print one by clicking on the green button above.
  3. To submit a wildlife health report to us by email (include photos, GPS or general locations, and detailed descriptions):
  4. If you observe a condition of concern and you do not have reliable access to the internet, leave a message for the Wildlife Health and Disease Surveillance Program:
    Wildlife Health Program office: (907) 459-7257
    Wildlife Health Program mobile: (907) 328-8354