Rabbit Creek Shooting Park
Facility Fees

The Rabbit Creek Shooting Park fees are based on the department's costs for operating and maintaining the range.

Rifle/Pistol/Archery Ranges Fee
Daily Use Fee $18.00
Daily Use Fee — Youth (Under 16 years of age) $5.00
Daily Use Fee — Senior (60 years of age or older) $15.00
Daily Use Fee — Active Duty Military $15.00
Annual Pass — Adult $125.00
Annual Pass — Youth (Under 16 years of age) $30.00
Annual Pass — Senior (60 years of age or older) $80.00
Annual Pass — Active Duty Military $80.00
Shotgun Range Fee
5-Stand Round (Targets & Ammo) $20.00
5-Stand Round (Youth, Senior) $18.00
5-Stand Round (Targets & Ammo) Annual Pass Holder $18.00
Birds Only $8.00
Hunter Education Building Fee
Classroom Facility: 24 person-1/2 Day $50.00
Classroom Facility: 24 person-Whole Day $75.00
Classroom Facility: 48 person-1/2 Day $100.00
Classroom Facility: 48 person-Whole Day $125.00
Instructor Range Rental Fee
Instructor Range: 1/2 Day* $25.00
Instructor Range: Whole Day* $50.00

*Students will still need to pay the daily use fee

NOTE: Fees collected at the facility cover only a part of the annual operations/maintenance budget to run the range. The majority of the budget is covered by hunters/shooters through the payment of federal taxes on firearms, ammunition, and archery equipment (Pittman-Robertson funds) and state funds (hunting license sales and tag fees).