ADF&G's Trophy Fish Program
Sport Fishing

Anglers have been participating since the 1960s in the ADF&G Trophy Fish Program, which gives special recognition to anglers taking fish that meet minimum weight (trophy certificates) or length standards (catch-and-release certificates) within a species. Trophy fish for both certificates must be legally caught from waters open to the public, in compliance with current ADF&G sport fishing regulations.

Catch-and-Release Certificate

For catch-and-release honorary certificates, do not remove your fish from the water. Hold it just at the water's surface while a photograph is quickly taken, then release it into the current. Minimum lengths for catch-and-release honorary certificates are listed in the table below (third column). Not applicable to all species.

Trophy Fish Certificate

Minimum weights for trophy fish certificates are listed on the table below (second column). Entries must be weighed in the presence of witnesses and a Trophy Fish Official, on a scale currently certified by the Division of Weights and Measures.

At least one witness is mandatory, as is a photograph.

Alaska State Trophy Fish Recordholders
Species Trophy Certificate Min. Weight Catch & Release Certificate Min. Length Recordholders
lbs/oz Year Location Angler
Arctic Char/Dolly Varden10 lb30 inches27/62002Wulik RiverMike Curtiss
Brook trout 3 lb20 inches3/42012Green LakeKyle Kitka
Burbot 8 lbN/A24/121976Lake LouiseGeorge R. Howard
King salmon (see below)N/A97/41985Kenai RiverLester Anderson
Chum salmon 15 lbN/A32/01985Caamano PointFredrick Thynes
Coho salmon 20 lbN/A26/01976Icy StraitAndrew Robbins
Cutthroat trout 3 lb20 inches8/61977Wilson LakeRobert Denison
Grayling 3 lb18 inches5/12008Fish RiverPeter Cockwill
Halibut 250 lbN/A459/01996Unalaska BayJack Tragis
Lake trout 20 lb36 inches47/01970Clarence LakeDaniel Thorsness
Lingcod 55 lb53 inches81/62002Monty IslandCharles Curny
Northern pike 15 lb40 inches38/81991Innoko RiverJack Wagner
Pink salmon 8 lbN/A13/72016Kenai RiverRobert Dubar
Rainbow/Steelhead trout 15 lb32 inches42/31970Bell IslandDavid White
Sheefish 30 lb45 inches53/01986Pah RiverLawrence E. Hudnall
Sockeye salmon 12 lbN/A16/01974Kenai RiverChuck Leach
Whitefish 4 lbN/A9/01989Tozitna RiverAl Mathews
King salmon minimum weight for the Kenai River is 75 lb. For the rest of the state, it is 50 lb.